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TD Momchevi & Co LTD - Sliven

TD Momchevi & Co LTD - the town of Sliven, managers engineer Ivan Lukov Momchev and Marian Lukov Momchev, was registered in the Sliven Regional Court by virtue of Verdict 473 from 24.03.1998, case 336 / 1998, the inventory entry being on page 82, volume 1, headquarters and address of management: Sliven, 21 "Asen Zlatarov" Str.

Bank details: Raiffeisen Bank   BIC : RZBBBGSF
IBAN : BG70 RZBB 9155 1062 0453 13 - payment account

The company starts its activity in 1998 when it purchased premises for carrying out its main trade activity: wholesale trade, mainly with frozen foods (ice-cream, chicken and fish products, etc.)

In 2001 the company starts building up two own manufacturing enterprises in regulated land property, which is plot XII, square 28 in the Industrial zone of the town of Sliven. By virtue of article 222, paragraph 1, section 9 from the Territory Arrangement Law, the company was granted a permit for the use of production premises "Department for production of sausages" which includes: production of minced meat, short-lasting boiled-smoked products, long-lasting raw-dried sausages and many other delicacies. The second enterprise which is a property of our company is "Department for chopping chicken" (preparing chicken products for storage, as well as minced meat, chicken meat, marinated ready-to-cook chicken products) with a use permit 23 from 25.02.2003.

The company has contracts for delivery of meat and meat products with its own transport. Beside its own products, the company trades with more than 3000 varieties of food stuffs, produced by leading Bulgarian companies. We own four wholesale storehouses and refrigeratory equipment for storage of frozen and chilled products, the total storage capacity being over 1000 tons. We aim at offering something new on the market which is better in quality than the already existing products. We have a special approach to each of our clients and offer them products, suitable for their market.

The company started to build up industrial, agricultural and residential premises in 2005. It has already built wholesale storehouses, refrigeratory equipment, administrative premises and a hypermarket. We guarantee a combination of high quality, optimum prices and short terms of carrying out the activities by means of using leading technologies.

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